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Instagram has become the apple of the eye for today’s generation. To socialize with anyone from any country, Instagram is being used. It is considered among the best social applications for messaging or interaction worldwide. For every one of us, Instagram has grown in importance in terms of knowledge and enjoyment. With millions of users, Instragam is reaching the apex of popularity day by day. Many users demand new features of this application with time. Therefore several advanced versions of this platform have been developed for Android users such as GB Instagram, OG Instagram, Instagram Plus, etc. Today, we are going to introduce you to another amazing version of Instagram which is InstaPro APK. Your Instagram app’s user interface will completely alter thanks to this mod, which will also guarantee you a great experience. The program enables individuals to enjoy and make use of the features they have desired. Let’s dive into a detailed discussion about it.

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About the App

SamMods developed an amazing modded version of Instagram that is accessible to all android users. This Modded version is named as Instagram Pro APK. With this version, any android user can use advanced privacy features, locking, a plethora of languages, and download stories, videos, reels, posts, and many more unlocked premium features. The tool expands on its capabilities by including an incorporated browser to visit any link. It is a wonderful customized version of the original Instagram that is incredibly captivating and attention-grabbing to entice users. Moreover, it is not available on the Play Store because it was developed and launched by 3rd party. In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one platform whether you want to communicate with people, tag your friends, or become famous.


The important factor that causes individuals to move from the original to this modified version of Instagram is its extensive features. These features of Instagram Pro comprise but are not limited to.

View anyone’s profile photo and zoom it

You cannot access and zoom in on the cover photo using the original Instagram, but you are allowed to do so by using this customized version. When you access a person’s profile page and long-press on their profile image, you will view the full form of that person’s photo.

Downloading And Saving Feature

It happens frequently that you admire your buddy’s story, reel, or picture and desire it as well. Every user ultimately becomes fatigued by taking screenshots and screen recordings of such content, cropping them, and then sharing them. Now, this problem won’t bother you. With just one click, you can download and enjoy your collection of favorite videos, pictures, and other content because the developer has introduced a built-in downloader within Insta Pro.

  • Save reels: With this version, a user is allowed to save any reel on their phone without informing anyone.
  • Save stories: To save any story of anyone that you like, this version is there to assist you.
  • Save posts and IGTV videos: You may store anyone’s post or IGTV videos on your Android phone.

To save any media, click on the 3 dots of selected media. After clicking, you will see the option of download or save, click on the option to gain it directly into your gallery. Otherwise, by tapping thrice on media, you can save that.

Improved Privacy

As privacy is a significant feature in any application. Better privacy means the app is more reliable. This version comes with advanced privacy such as

  • Hiding your name from the list of “viewed stories” won’t allow others to know that you have seen their story or reel.
  • Don’t mark texts as read or seen
  • Concealing/ freezing “typing” in inbox so that others do not get to know that you are typing something.

Lock the application with an in-built locker

Now, there is no need to download any separate locker to lock your Instagram because this modified form comes with an in-built locker to enable you to lock your Instagram. Hence, set a pin code and lock your app.

In-built Translator

Now the language barrier will not resist you while chatting because it includes the translating engines Google and Yandex. Messaging and postings can be made in Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu, English, etc. Use the Auto Translator option to translate any language into a language you can understand.

HD quality Images

It is an extended version that offers beautiful images and visuals of the utmost quality. However, your phone’s specifications can affect the graphics performance. You will share your media with the best quality. Moreover, the media that you will be downloading has maximum quality.

Outstanding Themes

The skills and intelligence of software engineers and programmers are advancing gradually. Ever-popular and liked attributes are being developed and added to the app. The pro version is outfitted with remarkable themes for its consumers. You can now alter and customize your favorite color in your Insta gallery thanks to the exceptional performance of the developers who added a lovely, alluring color appearance to the main theme of this creative application. Whenever you wish to develop your Instagram seem more enticing, you can pick to apply one of these themes.

“Follow” and “Unfollow” Indicator

This tracker will never let you miss any updated about who followed or unfollowed you quietly. Now, you are not required to sit and spend your precious time searching that who followed/unfollowed you. The tracker will aid you in saving time by presenting the list.

Edit the story before Uploading

Before uploading stories, you can add stickers, sounds, or music to make them more interesting. Many people find it captivating.

Hide Online Footprint

You may carry out operations while preserving your secrecy if you do not want anyone to notice what you are doing or who you following. By maintaining anonymity when visiting Instagram profiles, this tool would enable you to conceal your online traces.

“Copy” Feature

You want to copy anyone’s comment, caption, or bio without any restriction; this mode will permit you to do so. Copy whatever you want and paste it anywhere.

Alluring Filters

Your photographs and videos can be enhanced by using filters. Additionally, you get access to the greatest Instagram filter choices. Time to add enchanting taste and effects to your pictures and give them a new look.

Numerous Font Styles

Different styles of font have been included to make the app user and age-friendly. By using different writing styles, you can make your chatting more attractive and interesting.


Safety is a major factor for any user. In light of this, the version is designed in a way that is safe for your android device. Your data, records, and information will remain safe and secure and you can gain benefits without the risk of viruses.

Other additional features [ Instagram PRO ]

  1. This version is completely ad-free, so you won’t need to remove them while using it. You won’t see any adverts while exploring Instagram, which would improve your experience. You may now use our platform without being bothered by ads.
  2. Now, fixed all the crashes.
  3. The interface is friendly and is similar to the original version in using.
  4. Bugs are fixed to provide convenience to users.
  5. Although it is a modded form, still it is free to download.
  6. There is no requirement to jailbreak or root your phone. You can gain access to it with or without device rooting.
  7. Most importantly, it is an anti-ban mode.
  8. Latest variant with unrestricted access to premium features.

You can Install the Latest Version of Instagram Pro APK.

Pros of the Insta Pro

Built-in browser

When you see a website link anywhere while using this version, you can click on that link to directly open it. The pro-form of insta will automatically open the link because of the incorporated browser within it.

Easy to control

It works in the same way as the original application does. So there is no need to learn tutorials to use this platform. It has a user-friendly and age-friendly interface in which each command is unlocked and accessible without any lag issues.

Show your expertise

This is the greatest platform if you believe you have great skill and want to promote it to others so they can get familiar with you. People would watch, appreciate, and follow your account if you reveal your abilities and talents. The entire view of your account will be enhanced.

Countless downloads

Not only it allows its users to download the media, but also permit them to download as many time as they want. There is no restriction on the number of downloads.


When anything has advantages, it must certainly have disadvantages too. The same is the case with IstaPro APK. Although it has lots of features and characteristics, it has a few cons too. But the best point is that these cons are not something to be a major concern.

Not 100% safe

Although the application comes with safety features, still it is not completely safe because it is 3rd party application and Google Play Store does not provide access to this. There remains a 1% safety threat anyhow due to which you have to face any unpredictable crashes.

Demands regular updates

You have to frequently update this application when its update is introduced. Moreover, you have to update it manually every time because it does not automatically get updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it allow me to use the original Instagram while running this?

You are welcome to run the original Insta along with this version rather than being limited to utilizing only one at once. Isn’t it something that makes your social life more enjoyable?

Does it allow users to download media without a watermark?

Yes, you may download media to your mobile devices with no watermarks. You may save all of your selected films or reels without a watermark using the interface provided.

Is it better than the original version?

The original application lacks a lot of the incredible features that the pro version has. In terms of privacy features and other additional features, this version is considered better. You can use so many features in this that the original one deprives you of them.

Can you guarantee that it is a secure version?

When developing an official application, developers always make sure the system is not in danger before declaring it safe. Since using it is entirely safe, take a seat back and relax.

Why should I use this platform?

You can interact with people extremely quickly on Instagram by taking images with your phone, applying filters, and posting them. Insta continues to be the basic approach to market your image if you are an influencer or want to be one if you run a blog or a business. You should use it since it enables the one-click downloading of Instagram photographs and videos.


The article provides you with a comprehensive explanation of all the vital information, including the introduction, features, mod properties, etc. Therefore, using the modified portions of the InstaPro APK on your Android device would be interesting and make your social life more enjoyable. This version’s unique features include hiding read receipts, active status, your name from lists of other people’s stories you have seen, zooming profiles, hiding typing, and many more.

Tired of capturing screenshots and then cropping them? Tired of recording screens to get a video or reel? You will thus have a better Instagram experience if you download it immediately. This free and secure version is receiving positive customer evaluations. As a result, hit the download button instantly without worrying about security or viruses. If you have not joined Insta, then you have to be there now so that you can interact with your friends and see what they are up to. You will undoubtedly like utilizing it.

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